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and the European 2007 Volatile Organic Compounds Directive for solvent-reduction
These unequalled ECO~SEAL Products are exclusive to Keychem Products and Sealers
The 2007 Volatile Organic Compounds Directive for Solvent-Reduction is now being implemented in all EU countries. Consequently there is a demand for sealers and coatings with less or no environmental impact, and that are long-lasting, that retain an excellent appearance, and that resist abrasion and contamination.
Not only do Eco~Seal Products have these required high performance properties together with the environmental benefits, they also have a cost advantage. Using the most up-to-date resin technology, and manufactured in our UK factories, our professional scientists and technologists have developed Eco-Seal Products to provide high performance that is equal to or better than that previously obtained with organicsolvent- based sealers and coatings.

These leading-edge Eco-Seal Products include:-
ECO~SEAL SF , a solvent-free, environmentally-friendly, high-performance sealer for substrates including block-paving, brick-weave, concrete of all types, and even tarmac.
ECO~SEAL SP provides an environmentally-friendly high-performance sealing and protection together with semi-permeability that makes it perfect for use with the permeable or porous blocks that are increasingly being specified to comply with Local Authority Building Regulations.
ECO~SEAL TR is an environmentally-friendly dual-purpose product for restoring the colour to, and sealing, tired tarmac areas, and is available in Black, Red, and Green ECO~SEAL FW is an environmentally-friendly, specially-formulated sealer for interior and exterior use, for all types of wood, decking and flooring.
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