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Here at KeyChem's Sealer Factory we have been developing, manufacturing and improving sealers, colours, cleaners, release agents, waxes and many other products for over 20 years.

Although we have primarily been supplying directly to industrial companies, due to the rapid increase in interest in driveway and walkway improvements market sector, a highly competitive market-place, we are now pleased to be able to offer many of our tried & tested sealers & cleaners, directly to CONTRACTORS using sealants to improve the appearance, the life and customer satisfaction of stencil pattern imprinted concrete, block paving and brick weave and tarmac driveways, paths, patios, paving and walkways. We manufacture solvent-based and water-based environmentally~friendly sealers for many applications

With our fully-equipped laboratory and pilot-plant (see photo below), we are able to formulate and manufacture almost any quantities of custom-formulations, subject of course, to a minimum purchase quantity. If you have any ideas, questions or requirements, then phone us on 07767 805 999 or email us:
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Keychem strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced products

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